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How Can I Get a Job with FEMA?

All candidates must meet specific educational requirements and experience requirements to be considered for FEMA jobs. If you are interested in working for FEMA through the Department of Homeland Security, it is important to research the requirements that you must meet before you can even submit your employment application. Federal employment guidelines in all agencies are very strict and applications are denied before they are even sent to recruiters when the guidelines are not met. Here is what you can do to ensure that a recruiter will have a chance to see what a valuable asset you will be:

What Types of Jobs Are Available Through FEMA?

If you want to work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, there are a number of different roles that you can play. Before you can truly find out the steps that you need to take in school or professionally, you should decide which career path you want to explore within the agency. Some of the full-time and part-time work types that are available both domestically and internationally include:

  • On-call and recovery (CORE) disaster relief employees
  • FEMA Corps members dedicated to disaster preparedness
  • Operations specialists
  • IT specialists
  • Financial management
  • Emergency management
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Administration
  • Media Relations

What Are the Educational Requirements to Get a Job With FEMA?

If you would like to hold a full-time job title, FEMA requires that you go through an extensive application and hiring process. Pay and qualifications all depend on your series and grade. In most cases, you will need a degree to pursue any of the FEMA job openings that you can find through the careers page. The type of degree depends on your career level and whether or not your experience can replace your need for a degree.

What Are the General Requirements You Must Meet to Work for the Government?

All FEMA full-time employees, temporary employees and reservists must be U.S. citizens over the age of 18. Applicants must also be able to pass a federal background check, a physical screening and a drug screening before they will will be offered an official position. If you cannot pass background investigations or you are not physically able to pass a health screening, you will not move through the process.

How to Submit Your Application for Jobs

If you are educated and you meet all of the general qualifications, you can start to search for job openings through the official job listings website. You will then be directed to job openings that fit the requirements in your job search filter. If you find something that you are qualified for, you must fill out a profile and then submit your application before the deadline. Some applications require attachments.

One of the great things about applying for positions through FEMA is that your application status is updated regularly. Keep an eye on how your application is moving through the system and reply whenever you are asked for additional information. While it can take a while to get a job offer, if you are an energetic and motivated professional who is on a mission to help those in need, FEMA jobs may be for you.

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