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Masters in Public Health Salary

Masters in Public Health SalaryPublic health is a diverse field with a variety of different career opportunities. Professionals in the field can find jobs in a number of industries including nutrition, environmental health, education, and health services administration. As with most industries, public health professionals who hold a master’s degree are at an advantage when it comes to securing the most lucrative job opportunities.

Masters in public health salary figures vary depending on specific job titles and industries, but masters-level professionals always have much greater earning potential than individuals with a bachelor’s degree alone. The best schools for public health often give students the option and flexibility to focus their studies on aspects of public health that interest them the most. Some of the top Masters in public health degree programs can be found on the east coast at the University of Maryland and at Penn State Hershey. On the west coast, UC Davis is widely recognized as one of the best institutions for public health programs. There are also many top online Masters in Public Health degree programs available to choose from.

Masters in Public Health Salary Details

Though public health is a diverse field, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that jobs in public health are currently in demand and on the rise. This demand for jobs can be attributed to a number of different factors, including the need to address the growing number of public health concerns. Not only is the job outlook strong, but public health professionals can also earn a comfortable living. Figures from the BLS indicate that entry-level careers in public health often pay starting salaries that generally fall between 30 and 40 thousand dollars annually. However, professionals can choose to maximize their earning potential and make themselves more marketable by pursuing a Masters in public health. With a Masters degree, professionals have greater job opportunities and the potential to earn a Masters in Public Health Salary of up to six figures a year.

It is important to note that wages and the number of public health opportunities that are available vary based on the specific industry and geographic location. For instance, Masters level professionals working in environmental health will find the highest employment level in California, but the highest annual salary in the District of Columbia. In DC, wages for environmental public health professionals can reach over $100,000 per year. Professionals who specialize in medical and health services will find the highest concentration of jobs in Maryland, the highest employment level in New York, and the highest salaries in Massachusetts, again reaching over $100,000.

Prior to selecting a university or field of specialty in public health, it is important for prospective students to do their research in order to make an informed decision. A lucrative Masters in Public Health Salary is available to career-minded individuals who earn a reputable advanced degree.