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What Is A Masters in Public Health?

Masters in Public HealthA Masters in Public Health will provide you with a long-lasting career and the ability to change the lives of thousands of people for the better. The Masters in Public Health degree program was created for graduates to be able to improve all aspects of existing health systems throughout their careers.

If you pursue a Masters in Public Health degree, you will be required to complete a variety of courses in areas such as bio-statistics, epidemiology, health behavior, environmental health, health policy and management, ethics, and many others. You will also have the ability to take a number of courses in your preferred specialization within the public health profession. You will benefit greatly upon completing such courses. You will be more qualified to apply to a wider variety of positions within the field, you will earn more money, you will be eligible for managerial promotions, and you will be making a true difference in the lives of others. People who wish to aid in preventing the spread of infectious disease, violence of any kind, control environmental impact, and people looking to to ensure the general population has greater access to healthcare should all consider pursuing a Masters in Public Health degree.

How To Find The Top Masters in Public Health Degree Programs

Finding top public health programs at a graduate level is not nearly as challenging as you might imagine. You should determine whether or not you wish to pursue the best online Masters in Public Health programs at schools such as Walden University and Grand Canyon University, or if you wish to pursue the best Masters in Public Health degrees at traditional bricks and mortar schools such as Johns Hopkins or the University of North Carolina. You should examine your needs to determine which path is best for you. The best online schools will be regionally accredited, offer a similar curriculum to the best bricks and mortar degree programs, and have affiliation programs to ensure you have viable networking opportunities to aid in your career placement. The schools will provide you with access to the top professors in public health in the country along with job placement assistance upon graduating. You should not forget to determine your budget prior to selecting a program. If you are unable to afford the best, make a list of the top choices in your budget and apply to the programs with the best ranking.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With Masters in Public Health Degrees

Masters in Public Health careers are expansive. You could become an epidemiologist to study the actions of disease in various populations in an attempt to end such diseases and to prevent serious outbreaks at a regional and global level. These positions are typically employed by the government. The number of such positions are projected to grow significantly higher than the average profession over the next several years. You might also consider a career as a public health educator. These positions are largely responsible for educating the general public about disease, how disease spreads, and disease prevention. People in this position will often work with others to education them about taking the necessary preventative measures to combat disease. You might also consider a position as a health care provider, public health statistician, or an international health care worker.

Median Masters in Public Health salaries range from just over $55,000 to just over $70,000 annually. As with any industry, jobs in the private sector will more frequently pay better than jobs in the public sector. While a Masters in Public Health degree may be challenging, it will lead you to a fulfilling career.